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The TR-24 is designed to bridge the gap between small biomedical cyclotrons mostly utilized for production of PET - radioisotopes and larger 30 MeV cyclotrons. The TR-24 as the capability to produce both PET and SPECT - Isotopes but it has a PET-cyclotron footprint.
PET-radioisotopes produced on a TR-24:F-18, C-11, O-15, N-13, I-124, Cu-64...
SPECT-radioisotopes produced on a TR-24: Tc-99m, I-123, Ga-67, In-111...
- - Variable 16 MeV to 24 MeV extracted
proton beam energy
- 200 µA extracted proton beam current
- External ion source and injection system (ISIS). Allows the beam current output to be readily upgraded up to 500 µA
- Horizontal magnet orientation
- Dual beam operation (split ratio from 1:100 to 50:50)
- Automated start-up operation routines
- Cryopump high performance vacuum system
- Main magnet power supply
- RF high voltage power supply
- RF power amplifier cabinet
- RF control cabinet
- Control system cabinet
- Software control system
- Control and safety interlock system
- Deionized water package
- Crating and packing
- Installation and commissioning
- Two sets of documentation including: technical reference manual, operational and training manual, maintenance manual and Preventive Maintenance documents
- Operator and engineer training on site
- One year manufacturer's warranty
- Project Planning and Facility Layout Includes 2 Target selectors:
Qty: 2
- Allows installation of up to 4 targets
- Can be mounted on the extraction horn of the cyclotron or at the end of a beam line
- Includes gate valve to allow isolation and removal of the targets without losing vacuum in the cyclotron main tank
- Water and helium manifold with quick connectors for easy removal of the target cooling supply lines. Includes blanks for plugging helium and water ports that are not in use.
- Each target is individually connected to the helium and water cooling lines
- Flexible bellows to allow movement of target selector
- Potentiometer feedback for target selection and alignment
- Each target has its independent set of water cooled collimators with current readout
- Includes locking mechanism to hold targets in place in case of vacuum loss
- Includes plugs or “dummy” targets for the stations that are not in use

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